What are My bonuses?

What are bonuses and how can you use them?

Bonuses are amounts of money deposited into your accountin the 'My Bonuses' column, which you can use to pay part of the order`s value.

Bonuses are loaded into your account by a LoveYourCurvy.com administrator at his valuation in the following cases:

  •  As a gift for your birthday.
  •  If you return an order, you can choose whether to refund the amount to your bank account or prefer the refund to be made in the form of a credit for subsequent purchases. If you want to replace a product with a lower value, you can again choose whether to reimburse the difference to your bank account or in the form of a credit by loading the amount in "My Bonuses".
  •  If upon return or exchange you choose to leave the refund amount with us for future purchases, you will receive additional 5% on the amount as a gift from us.
  •  As soon as we receive the returned items, you will be able to see the refund in your account, in the column "My bonuses".
  •  No one is infallible and although we make a great effort to offer you the highest level of service, it is also possible to make a mistake. That is why in case of significant delay, cancellation or wrong order, we can make you happy with an apologetic bonus.
  •  There may be other reasons to receive a bonus from LoveYourCurvy.com such as specific campaigns, etc. In any case, we will notify you by email if a bonus is added to your account.

Loaded in your account, the bonus is automatically deducted from the next order you make with us on LoveYourCurvy.com.

Enjoy shopping,

Everything we do is with love for you.  

* Bonuses are loaded only for registered users.
* Bonuses cannot be exchanged for their monetary equivalent in BGN and cannot be used outside the account in which they are loaded. They cannot be transferred to another account and cannot be used for purchases from other customers.
* In case of return of products for which a bonus with a fixed amount has been applied, the proportional value used by the bonus will be refunded in your account, again in the form of a bonus.