How to win and use Reward Points?

Dear Customers,

We are so excited to offer a loyalty program to show how much we value our amazing customers! Earn points and redeem them when paying!

Everything is quite simple!

КWhen you shop at you will receive reward points, that will be added to your account. The number of points you will receive for each purchased product are displayed on the product page.

Reward points can be used to pay for a product or part of it as 10 points are = per 1 lev.

If you want to use accrued points to pay for a product or part of it, do so by entering the number of points you want to use in the "Use promo code, voucher or points" column before placing an order. The system will generate a discount from the order in the amount of the BGN equivalent of the entered points.

You decide whether to use all the accumulated points for one purchase or to use only part of the points for the specific purchase. The difference between the value of the order and the value paid by points is paid through one of the other payment options.

It is important to know that Reward Points are granted only to registered users!

You can check how many points you have at any time in your account.Additional reward points can also be added to your account as compensation for delays, cancellations or errors when ordering; for special campaigns or promotions.

In cases where you have used points to reduce the value of an order, but subsequently return all or part of the order , the points used will be refunded to your account in full or in proportion, with a partial refund.

Reward points cannot be exchanged for their monetary equivalent.

That is all. Enjoy your reward points!

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